3 Steps to Your First Traveling Teddy Adventure!


Got a Teddy?

To get started with a Teddy Trips Adventure, all you need is a Teddy Trips Passport and a Teddy Bear.

If you haven’t got a Teddy Bear already, the quickest and easiest way to get started is to purchase a Starter Kit at our online shop. Starter Kits come in various shapes and sizes depending on what type of Teddy Bear you want, and what size. Bare in mind that the larger the bear, the harder it might be to fit in your suitcase!

If you already have a Teddy Bear of your own that you want to take on your travels, then simply purchase a Teddy Trips Passport from our online shop and attach it to your bear. This will give you access to our website and the ability to update and blog about your bear’s adventures.


Login and Update

Enter the Passport Number to find your Teddy on Teddy Trips. We'll guide you from there on what you need to do next.

If you are providing an Adventure Update, please try and attach a picture too of your bear's latest adventure!

If it is the first time for the bear on our system, you will be prompted to register him or her first. You'll need to give them a name, tell us a bit about them, and where their adventure is going to start from. You will also need to select what type of adventure you'd like them to have. There are four types to choose from (don't worry, you can allways change this later if you want to).

Five Adventure Types

  • Private
    My bear stays with me! Other people can still see what my bear is up to, but I don't want to pass my bear on to anyone else.

  • Family and Friends
    My bear only gets passed on to people I know.

  • School
    Bear is owned by a school. If you have a class mascot, this is the ideal way to pass him or her around the members of your class. To expand your adventure, consider sending or exchanging your mascot with other schools in other countries, or sending them out into the wild!

  • Organisation
    Bear is owned by an organisation. This is a great way to share your journeys with colleagues, or promote your brand. Or why not buy several teddies and start a competition with colleagues to see who can collect the most Bear Miles and Badges?

  • Wild
    This bear travels with anyone, to anywhere! Let your bear roam the world! Where will they end up next is anyone's guess!

Get Teddy Traveling

Provide some updates about Teddy's adventures while he or she has been with you. As long as you provide us with an accurate location of where each update is from, then we can keep an automatic record of how may miles each bear has travelled, how many “Bear Miles” they have accumulated, and what badges they have earned along the way. Depending on the type of adventure the bear is on, when you think teddy has been with you long enough, simply pass them on to family, friends, classmates, colleagues, or even someone you just met! From there, we'll keep you posted about their latest adventures!

If someone has given you a Teddy Bear to look after, then please do take good care of them. Please also upload some adventure updates on the site about what they have been up to. Don't keep them too long - travelling teddies tend to get restless!

Still Got Questions?

That's fine! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, or simply Contact Us.

Thanks for listening!

The Teddy Trips Team