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Yamm the Lamb and TJ

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Hi! I'm a stuffed lamb who loves to travel. My name is Yamm (I think it must be German or something). My bear friend is TJ. Follow us on our adventures!

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      2 | Mackinac Island, Michigan!

      Hi everyone!! I know we haven't posted in a few years but figured maybe we could get this thing going again! We have been to a lot of places since we last posted but this past fall (September 2019) ... Read More
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      Updated by Sean Posted 9 months ago.

      1 | I got to visit the IceHotel in Stockholm, Sweden!!

      This was really neat! Everything in the place was made of ice, even the glass we drank out of! The tables, chairs and the bar is too. My humans needed to wear parkas, but my wool kept me warm ...

      Read More
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      Updated by Sean Posted over 5 years ago.

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