Gratitude, Thanks & Inspiration


"When you've got so much to say, it's called gratitude, and that's right"

Adrock, Beastie Boy

This page is dedicated to all of the wonderfull people, organisations and concepts that have made this website possible. For this and much more, I want to say a big Teddy Trips thanks!
First and foremost, none of this would have been possible without the guidance and support of Richard Dickson. Richard built the first version of this site, and has been instrumental in helping to get this second version up and running too. He is not only a first class code poet, but a generous friend and genuinely good guy. Thanks Richard!
I also want to give a huge shout out to Michael Hartl, and his awesome Ruby on Rails Course at I would never have got the new version of this site up and running without this excellent resource. About 60% of this site has simply been adopted from his original code (if we ever get the chance to meet Michael - and I hope we do one day - I will buy you the world's largest beer!). If you want to learn Ruby on Rails, there is no better guide!
When I first started programming on a C64, the internet didn't really exist and the only coding tips you could get were from a magazine. These days however, there are literally millions of new friends and colleagues to be found over at Stackoverflow - possibly one of the world's greatest websites after Wikipedia. Not to mention all of the coders sticking up blog posts and insights into how to crack various problems. There are two people I want to thank personally. The first is Łukasz Wieczorek, who helped me solve a particularly devilish problem with Google Maps. The second is Nouran Mahmoud, who very kindly pointed me in the right direction regarding getting google maps up and running in Rails.
Greg Henriques and the crowd over at Thinkable deserve a shout out for the design (even though I paid them for it!). I am a happy camper Greg, and thanks for all the enthusiasm, support and tips over the years!
And finaly, but by no means least, my wife Bodil Taylor, for putting up with the countless hours she has seen me scrunched up over a keyboard and staring at a screen in a state of baffled bemusement. Love ya B!
It's been a huge challenge building this site from scratch, but also hugely rewarding. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I have building it.
Michael Taylor
Founder, Teddy Trips.