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Someone just gave me a teddy. What do I do now?

Great! Come on in and join the fun! Getting involved in a Teddy Trips adventure is easy. Simply enter the bear's Passport Number to find your bear and we'll guide you from there. If the bear hasn't been registered on our site before, then we'll ask you to give him or her a name first.

If you are simply handling a bear for someone else, why not think about starting an adventure of your own by visiting our Adventure Shop?


Why would I buy a bear just to give it away?

It's not as crazy as it sounds!

First, you don't need to give your bear away if you don'y want to. If you are really attached to your bear and cannot stand the idea of losing him or her, then a "Private" adventure is for you. This means you can still report on and update your bear's adventures, but you don't need to give him or her away to anyone else.

Second, most of our bears don't go missing. If you choose adventure types such as "School" or "Family and Friends", your bear stays only with people you know. Even when you decide to send your bear on a "Wild" adventure, we find a lot of the bears still find their back home after a while on the road, even if this may take several years!

Third, who needs just another toy anyway when you can create and share a crazy adventure instead! We all need something a little different, weird, random and wonderful in our lives, right? Everyone's been tempted to leave a message in a bottle at one time or another. Wouldn't it be great if you could do that and know what happened to it afterwards? Where did it end up and who read it? Well, that's the Teddy Trips concept in a nutshell. Except this is with bears, not bottles! Pretty soon your bear could be smiling at you from a beach in Australia, sitting atop Mount Everest, our hanging out in a hotel lobby in Tokyo!


What do the terms "Wild", "Family and Friends", "School", "Organisation" and "Private" mean?

Five Different Kinds of Adventure

When a teddy bear is first launched on to an adventure, the teddy owner needs to specify what kind of adventure they want their bear to have. There are currently four kinds of adventure to choose from (but please feel free to contact us if you think there should be more!):

  1. Private - My teddy travels only with me
  2. Family & Friends - A bear passed only between family and friends
  3. School - A bear owned by a class or school
  4. Organisation - A bear owned by a company or organisation
  5. Wild -  Let your teddy loose on the world. How far can teddy travel?

The teddy owner will also have a chance to provide a short text to pass on to anyone who receives the teddy. For example - you might like to say that your teddy would very much like to visit the moon, or go on a safari in Africa! You might also like to update the text to say it is time for them to come home!


The risk that a bear is lost or goes missing increases from the top to the bottom of this list. In other words, if your bear is only being passed between members of your immediate family, or friends in your school class, the more likely it is that the bear will remain on our radar and also (should you wish) that the bear can return home. On the other hand, the wilder the adventure is - for example, a bear that is passed on between relative strangers or distant friends - the more likely it is that the bear eventually falls off our radar, and the less likely it is that teddy will ever find their way home. That said, we haven't had so many bears go missing at all. We've found that people out there on the whole tend to be kind to teddies, and are willing to make an extra effort to keep them moving or make sure they get home safe and sound.


How do I get my teddy bear back?

If you are the original owner of a teddy bear (i.e. the person who first registered the teddy on this website) you can at any time update the status of your bear to show that you want your teddy home. You can also leave a message to future recipients of the bear saying where you would like the bear returned to.

To protect your privacy, we suggest that when you specify a return address, you provide a public address (e.g. a school or business address) rather than a private residential address. It is then up to the future recipients to try and get the bear home. Clearly, if the bear is a long way from home, the likelihood of teddy returning home is smaller than if teddy is still doing the rounds between your friends and family. You can increase the chances of getting them back by offering to pay for teh return postage yourself.


No one has updated my teddy bear for ages. What can I do? Has he/she gone missing?

If it's been a while since you heard from teddy, please contact us providing the Passport Number and Name, and we'll chase the last known recipient of the bear by email to ask them what's going on. We can't guarantee that this will work of course, that depends on how nice the people we are writing to are - but we'll do our best to prod and remind people to do something if a teddy gets stuck or disappears. And if the people we write to no longer have teddy, we'll ask them to chase the people they gave teddy to instead.


What guarantee is there that this will work? How many teddies simply go missing?

The vast majority of our bears do not go missing. True, some do not get much beyond a few initial adventure updates, but we tend to find that the majority of bears have a lot of fun out there, go exciting places and meet exciting people. It's important to note that we cannot garantee you an advnture, only the means of having one through this site. The rest is up to chance! If you are the kind of person that can live with a little serendipty and risk, then visit our Adventure Shop and get started right now!


Still need convincing? Try these similar ideas for a little inspiration and


What's a blog or Bearpost?

On this site a blog or bearpost is simply an update about a teddy. To do this simply enter in the Passport Number and PIN from the teddy's passport (you'll need to have either received someone else's teddy or bought a teddy of your own to do this), and then follow the instructions. It's good to have a digital picture to hand when you provide an update - plain text can be a bit boring! A good picture is also proof that teddy's actually been where you say he or she has been!


How do I launch an adventure of my own?

Launching your own Teddy Trips Adventure is as easy as A, B, C!

First, you will need a Teddy Trips Starter Kit which includes a Teddy Bear and Passport. If you already have a teddy, don't worry! In that case all you will need to get started is a Teddy Trips Passport. You can buy both of these at our Adventure Shop.

Once you receive your Teddy and/or Passport in the post, you will need to give your Teddy a name and register them on the site by following the simple instructions on the website.

That's it! You can then provide as many adventure updates as you like before passing teddy on to someone else (as long as you haven't decided to keep Teddy for yourself that is by starting a "private" adventure). After that, the sky is the limit!


What does a Teddy Trips Adventure Look Like?

To see and example simply click on any of the bears and read about what they have been up to!


How does it work?

Each Teddy Trips Passport contains a unique Passport Number and PIN (Personal Identification Number) Code that allows each bear to be uniquely identified and tracked through our website. Once a bear has been named and registered on this site, the adventure begins when the bear is simply passed from one person to another. Each passport contains the simple instructions required for each recipient of a bear to update the bear's whereabouts on this website – using a combination of Pictures, Text and Google Maps - before they too pass the bear on. As soon as a bear's adventures are updated by someone, everyone who has been in contact with that particular bear will receive an electronic postcard (an Adventure Update) telling them where teddy is and what he or she is up to.


What can I use a Teddy Trips Adventure for?

Why not buy a bear as a mascot for your class and then set them off on an adventure? Or buy one for your family and friends and see what they get up to and where they end up? You can even compete with work colleagues to see who's bear can travel the furthest, or have one to share at your company. Launch your own adventure today by visiting our Adventure Shop!




The Teddy Trips Team